A Winning Mindset – Bodybuilding Success

A Winning Mindset – Bodybuilding Success

“the difference between becoming a World or Olympic champion or not is you have to have the desire and the drive”

                                  Robert Rodney

Robert Rodney has competed in numerous Bodybuilding Competitions in the UK and has consistently ranked 1st and 2nd in various categories. He now competes in   the 50+ class. Robert has previously achieved success in all three of the sports Bodybuilding official bodies, he has also won the Pan European International Natural Bodybuilding competition and in 2014 he achieved first place across three federations with the UKDFBA.

Also known as Chiseled Ice (the words from a commentator remarking about his muscular definition), Rob also won Gold in this years IPF World Powerlifting Championships. He finished a superb performance with a World Record Deadlift of 300.5kg and was awarded Masters 2 Overall Lifter. His execution of lifts combined with a superb overall performance from the Masters team this year (2017) led to the GB Team achieving 1st place in the World. Robert says he is looking to smash this record again very soon.

It is certainly not a given that bodybuilders despite their high focus on building muscle groups. will automatically get themselves into the Powerlifting record books. Robert has an ‘ingrained mentality’ that drives him forward to achieve his goals.


What’s his secret? Well, we were intrigued too! From our interview with Robert it is clear that slacking off is not an option!! Apart from his 1 rest day a week of course.

180 STRENGTH – “How did you get into Bodybuilding in the first place?”

ROB – I’ve always worked out in the gym, from an early age, like many other young guys just repping out in the gym. One day a friend said you look good you know, you should give a Bodybuilding Competition a go. I took some photos with a photographer one day in the freezing cold and that’s where it all started”

180 STRENGTH – What was your 1st Bodybuilding meet like?

ROB – My very first competition was a glitzy affair – the Miami Pro. It is a bit of a glamorous occasion with a strong American feel. This is a non-drug tested event. After that I moved over into competitions that were drug-free. Since then I have competed in events run by the NPA and the BNBF.

180 STRENGTH – What’s your view on the use of Steroids in the industry?

ROB – The thing with steroids, is that they leave you with a lot of after affects that some people may not think about when first taking them. After a while it’s likely you will get injuries as your joints and bones cannot grow at the same pace as your muscles are growing when on the roids. This can leave you with arthritis and numerous other injuries and health problems.

180 STRENGTH – What tips would you give to anyone thinking of giving a competition like this a go?

ROB – I watched some You Tube Videos to research what other people were doing. I would say find some music you’re really into and use it to practice your poses. Make sure your statutory poses accentuate your best features i.e your best muscular form and incorporate those into your routines.

180 STRENGTH – Do you think you have a natural affinity for building muscle?

ROB – “Yes definitely. I am a Mesomorph, so build muscle easily. I’m very consistent with my diet, I make sure I eat what my body requires. I finish work at midnight, am home at 1am and always make sure I have my porridge and eggs whites at 3am.”

180 STRENGTH – “That is commitment! I take it you don’t need much sleep then?”

ROB – “I’m one of these people that only needs about 4 or 5 hours sleep a night. I never need more than 5 hours sleep that would be a lot for me.”

180 STRENGTH – Lucky you! Most people need between 7 – 9 hours sleep to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Apparently there is 1-3% of the population that can manage on less sleep.


180 STRENGTH – “Do you ever have a off day when you don’t really feel like going to the gym?”

ROB –  “Look, the difference between becoming a World or Olympic champion or not is that you have to have the desire and the drive, I work out 6 days a week, each day I focus on a different body part and I have 1 rest day a week. If I did have a day where I felt a bit tired, I had a lot on or something, I would just make sure I get to the gym and once I’m there that’s it, I’m there then so I’ll train.”

We asked Rob to give us an idea of what a typical day of food included for him, this is what he sent us across. Looking at his diet it looks like he is consuming approx 300g of Protein a day.


  • Meal 1 _ Protein shake and a banana
  • Meal 2 _ Post Workout Protein Shake
  • Meal 3 _ 300g Chicken, 200g Wholegrain Rice, 40g of Broccoli
  • Meal 4 _ 250g Tilapia, 200g Whole Grain Rice, 50g Sweetcorn
  • Meal 5 _ 150g Protein Porridge and 4 Egg whites


I’m looking to break my own Deadlift World record, my coach and I actually played it safe in Belarus. I can definitely add at least 10 – 15 kilos to that lift. Fortunately, I am also working with a couple of sponsors NMB and POW Performance Gear, so, overall things are going well.


Meticulous planning, nutrition, programming, consistency, goal setting and a love for what you do are all things that Robert has inherently inbuilt into his day to day life. From ensuring he has a diet of the correct macros to making sure he also never misses a workout.

TOP TIP!! “He also has a good tactic of just getting himself to the gym whether he feels like it or not!”

Robert also has an incredibly down to earth personality, his lifestyle clearly leads him  to where he is today.

From listening to Rob it is clear that his day to day diet and workouts seem effortless and largely just part of a day to day routine. However, it is regimented and he has set habits that he tends not to stray from. We have no doubt that all of these traits are what has led him to the amazing achievements he has shared with us.

If  you’re looking for more information and perhaps have some questions on physique modelling or bodybuilding, please forward your questions on to us at sofia@180degreesgym.com We will look to answer them on a future podcast with Robert and Emilie Molin – date to be confirmed.