Inspirational!! Strength Training for the over 60’s

After taking part in the IPF World Championships in June 2017 we were inspired to see so many people of all ages lifting heavy weights with great form, proving that it is never too late to start strength training. One of the ladies we spoke to was Sarah Butcher – she is 62 years old and almost deadlifting double her body weight. Here is a short transcript of our interview with her. We hope it inspires you to keep up your training, or if, like Sarah, you used to compete and have taken some time off – that you re-consider giving it a go!


How long have you been using large compound moves like Squats, Deadlifts and Bench press?”

“I have been training in a general way for about 10 years. More specifically related strength work for the last 5yrs. I have only been competing in Powerlifting for 1 year”

“I have always been addicted to sport and played hockey, tennis and done some triathlons all of my life.
After dislocating my knee joint at hockey 10 years ago and needing nearly 9 months to recover fully, I can now say that I am stronger than I have ever been. This is thanks to Powerlifting and squatting in particular. Stronger quads, hamstrings and glutes have almost definitely saved my knee from a further operation. I have even added 20kg to my squat this year!”

“Have you found any differences between yourself and others your age who perhaps are not incorporating strength training into their workouts?”

Absolutely, I do think I have much better range of movement and far fewer problems with stiffness and aching joints. However, I do have arthritis which is particularly problematic in my hands. This is kept at bay with my training. It can be a bit difficult holding on to the bar when dead lifting sometimes which is incredibly frustrating!

any other benefits you can think of……?
Known benefits are of course, stronger bones, tendons and ligaments which is always helpful! I think posture improves with strength training as our bodies become better balanced. There is nothing more exciting than becoming stronger as you age and listening to others accepting deteriorating strength as they age because they think it inevitable……..but it is not.

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