Training Inspiration Feature on Jack Eyers

training inspiration

As part of our series of Strength Training Inspiration you will meet a few amazing personalities. Each has been impacted by strength training in very different ways. Over the next few months you will meet World Class Power lifters and record breakers. Some of the people we have met have gone from having zero interest in exercise to fitness transforming their lives.

At 180 Strength we think people are capable of fantastic things. Working and competing in a strength based environment means we get to meet them daily.

Sometimes, all you need is that light bulb moment or some gentle encouragement to increase your confidence. Here, you will  also find help with issues that might be affecting you like mobility, sleep deprivation and diet . You might not know where the best place is start when it comes to using the weight lifting equipment, but just think everyone is like this once and we understand that. We hope these stories help you to find your training inspiration. If we motivate you to get started that will be a great thing! We’d love you to be “stronger than your excuses”.

Let’s introduce you to Jack Eyers

If you look closely at Jack Eyers working out, you’ll see he has a prosthetic leg. After reading several past interviews it is clear that exercise has had a profound impact on his life.

When we initially asked for a photo to go with his feature we were spoiled for choice as he presented us  with a selection from Men’s Health Features. There was even one from Ninja Warrior UK! If you follow our blog you will see more interviews, pictures, and, of course our actual interview with Jack. Also a potential for Mr England, Jack is keeping himself busy collecting votes, click on his link to find out more.

Make sure you read our interview here with Jack next week, if you have any questions on his motivations, inspirations and lifestyle let us know. Feel free to comment on our blog or go over to our facebook or instagram pages.

Editor – S Rufus