Congrats on downloading your macros calculations, remember work with these and stay as close to targets as possible. Review your weight on a weekly basis, come back to the calculator whenever you need and hit your goal weight.

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The 12 week program is an in-depth, COMPLETE STRENGTH & CONDITIONING program guaranteed to make sure you gain increased strength, muscle tone and raise your metabolism to turn yourself into a leaner, stronger, more effective training machine.

With the 12 week 180 Method blueprint, you will work on all the big bang for buck compound exercises, such as Squats, Deadlifts and Bench Press, with full training videos and teaching points detailed within.

1. A Full results Driven periodised, strength and hypertrophy training plan.
2. 12 weeks programming all layout out for you
3. Videos and Tutorials of all exercises
4. Top tips on how to bench, squats and deadlift by world class athletes.
5. Our secret weapon when it comes to removing the unwanted lbs also.

12 Weeks to a new stronger you! Just follow the plan!



The 180-Method is our hybrid model of training, bringing you the most effective combination of power lifting, body building, nutritional coaching and conditioning to take you from where you are now to the fittest, strongest and most productive version of yourself.


Not for moaners, whiners or complainers, or people who hide behind their excuses. This is for people who are FED UP of failing. Fed up of falling off the wagon and Fed up of not being able to be completely happy with what they’ve achieved at the end of this year.