180° Low Carb Recipe

180° Low Carb Recipe


336Kcal, Protein 15.4g, Fat 32.1g Carbohydrate 1.4g


This low carb, high protein, high fat salad is super quick to throw together and a perfect recipe for weight loss if you are needing to find a low carb option. Convenience and time are two of the biggest factors our clients struggle with when it comes to tasty food for weight loss. So as long as you like the ingredients, this is a great meal idea.

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What you’ll need:

10g Pecans or walnuts, 25g Baby leaf salad, 30g Blue Vein Cheese St Agur in this case), Smoked Streaky Rindless Bacon Rashers.

How to make it:

Very simple – simply layer it all up on your plate and eat :)!!