5 Signs your fitness class is getting you nowhere

Fitness class in Bournemouth

You walk into your fitness class and you know what to expect. It’s going to be hard work & your trainer is going to shout at you at some point… While this is a great tool for motivation and giving you that extra 1% at the time, is it really beneficial long term?

  1. They guarantee you short term results

“Get yourself a 6pack in 3 weeks with just 4 minutes of work a day & eat whatever food you like!”

If you hear this then most likely you are going to end up in the same position you started in 3 months time. These sorts of programs are usually high high intensity, low low calories and no no fun. Yes you may lose some weight short term but holding onto this is real tricky once you’ve finished your 6-12 week program. Find yourself a fitness class that not only keep you engaged but also educates you in areas such as diet, recovery and stress management. This will lead to consistent long-term results. At 180 Strength we always look at a long term approach in any of our coached groups to ensure success during but also after the class is complete.

  • Your class doesn’t match you goals

“Oh you want to get strong? That’s great we are going to start with 100 burpees into 500 box jumps because that’s the workout today.”

If you want to do burpees all day that good for you! But make sure what you are doing in your program matches what you actual want to achieve with your fitness goals. If you see a gym or trainer that listens to your goals and pairs you up with the right fitness class or program for you, then you are onto a winner. If you feel the trainer is just trying to push you towards their “protocol” or “method” you might want to tread carefully. Fitness classes aren’t always going to be personal to you but try your best to tailor your own choice of classes to your own goals.

  • No periodisation

The above explains exactly why periodisation is important. Think of the amount of work you do as the “Goldilocks theory”.  Too much workload and you aren’t going to recover enough from the fatigue and you will never increase in your fitness levels. Alternatively not enough workload then you will never get enough stimuli to actually create a change. That’s where periodisation comes in. If you go to the same class every week and feel like you aren’t working any harder each time, or you can never finish the class this might be a sign your trainer or fitness class isn’t for you.

In our fitness classes at 180 Strength your trainer is planning your sessions so that your workload slowly increases each week meaning you are smack bang in the middle of that balance between too much or too little work. All of our HITT classes, our glute gang groups & 180Barbell classes are programmed in this way.

  • Not enough technique coaching

This is generally where most fitness classes fall down. There are 25 people in the class, and one trainer trying to keep an eye on everyone. It’s easy to see how things can fall through the net.

Our gym in Bournemouth will only ever have a max of 10-12 people per group and 2 coaches to ensure that each lifter gets the right amount of attention.

  • The go hard or go home mentality
muscle soreness

Feeling sore a day or two after your workout is normal. But there is a large difference between soreness and pain. If you are feeling pain (anything more than a 5/10) during your workout and your trainer ignores it and puts it down to “its just hard work, get on with it” then you might want to look elsewhere. Exercise should enhance your day-to-day life and add enjoyment. Not take away from it.

A better alternative?

Our gyms in Bournemouth and Poole both have fitness classes that are planned, small groups and tailored to a variety of fitness goals. Anywhere from fat loss to powerlifting specific programming. Feel free to get in touch if you are in the area and you are interested in taking your fitness classes to another level.

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