A day that changed my life with a personal trainer in poole

As a 19 year old I’d like to consider myself relatively young! Young people often experience a great deal of change in their life as they develop experience and mature. But for me, I feel I have already learned a massive lesson!

Throughout my short life, I have always enjoyed sport, kept fit and been in perfect health. Whenever I ventured to the sweet shop at the end of the school day, nothing too sinister seemed to happen. I thought this was just because of the exercise I was doing and that diet didn’t matter.

In fairness, my parents always ensured that I had healthy food at home, right the way through my childhood. They would be none the wiser as to my sneaky big macs on the way home from work though; as I kept this line of thinking throughout my teens!
At the ripe old age of 19, I started to notice a bit of a bump beneath my t-shirt. Or as I like to call it, the spare tyre! Personal pride and perhaps most influential, signing for a semi professional football team; kicked me into gear and I decided I would meet with our very own personal trainers in Poole.

I needed and wanted to nip this in the bud. I knew first hand that we were elite providers of personal training in Poole. With that in mind, I met the professionals at 180 degrees gym.

I was taken through a light warm up before doing lots of single leg exercises. These were specific to football but also were designed to help me with a balance issue. In no time, I could see visible results!

The grind really began though, when I was holding 12 kg dumbbells, whilst lunging the length of a 20 metre corridor… four times! Few personal trainers in Poole work you to such a level, whilst providing such encouragement that you are able to summon the strength to pull through.

The finale was excruciating. I was told that a circuit had been lined up for me. 10 squat jumps, leading to 10 burpees, leading to what I can only describe as 10 sharp springing ‘side to sides’ (technical name defies me). They led to 10 hamstring curls, 10 V-sits, 10 deltoids raises and 10 step ups. Believe me when I say it was as strenuous to perform, as it is to read!

I had conquered and could now relax with a large drink of water. Or so I thought.
“Right now you can go through it again before you get a rest, but I promise you will get a good rest after this time” the personal trainer in Poole said. The smirk entrenched across his face, a clear response to the horror upon mine. I was forced to utter a few expletives.
It took every ounce of effort and energy and that was just to get so far as the hamstring curls. “NO CHEATING, GET THAT BACKSIDE UP!” the personal trainer in Poole roared. I was wailing like a little boy that had been put on Santa’s naughty list. Only it was much more painful.

In all my encounters with personal trainers in Poole, I am yet to have enjoyed and benefited from a session as much as this one. (Here I am pictured below, reaping the rewards, back in action on the football field)

My life changed that day. I realised what my body is capable of and that I should not neglect it. I would meet Owen at a later date to discuss a nutrition plan and am pleased to say that I am really reaping the rewards of a clean diet and structured exercise plan. I am much more healthy, happy and energetic in each walk of life. This process has been a great education for me and I’d advise you to do the same!

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