Deadlift setup for increased power

Deadlift setup for increased power!

sumo deadlift

Here are some key points and focus areas for your deadlift setup to think about throughout the lift. Below are Jack Suljevic (coach at 180 and British Junior Powerlifting champion) Setup and drills he uses to pull huge numbers.

1. Stance width will vary from person to person, with some preferring a sumo setup against the conventional setup. Determining factors in this are limb portions and muscle strengths and weaknesses. A good starting point is from a strongest vertical jump takeoff position. We recommend adding both into your training programming.

2. Set the bar up at mid foot, then bring shins to the bar. The plan in the lift is to pull the bar straight upwards, so keep it close.

3. Hold the bar shoulder width apart. Mixed Grip, DBL overhand grip etc will be discussed later in the week.

4. Engage your lats and upper back…think about showing your armpits forward.

5. Time to pull slack out of the bar, “long arms and hands as hooks”…keep bar close to shins.

6. Screw your feet into the ground, creating torque throughout your lower body

7. Pull yourself into position, use your body as a counter weight, setting hips low (See the dip in his hips and pop of the bar in the video)..remember the power comes from your legs

8. Now the bar is moving, think about pushing the earth away, driving your feet into the ground…have patience it will move.

9. Once at knee height, it’s time to drive hips forward. Glutes and Quads working as one.

10. Lock it out, strong.


Note: The type of shoes you wear or maybe don’t wear are important, go for a hard-soled shoe, converse or bare foot maybe…you don’t really want running shoes on or anything with too much give or roll.

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