Christmas training advent calender: 8th Dec 2011, Day 7

Good afternoon you lot, hope after yesterdays mobility session you’re well rested and raring to go!!!

Today i just need about 30 mins of your time, we’re going to be hitting 3 big movements to work the whole body. It’s going to be hard, but oh so worth it.

5 mins to warm up, 20 mins to go at it like you’ve never trained before and then another 5mins to catch your breath.

So here goes:

Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:

25 L shaped Pull­ups

50 Push­ups


75 Squats



Boring disclaimer part.

Here at 180 Degrees we advise everyone before entering a new exercise programme to get a full health assessment and sign off by the GP, reborn also accept no responsibility of anyone suffering from injury, illness or shear stupidity to hurt themselves with these basic exercises)