HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! BOOTCAMPS are back on the beach.

Well its here and we are off to a flyer!!!

Here is the outline for our Bootcamps on Sandbanks Beach, Poole, Dorset.

The 180 Degreespt Bootcamp this new year will be a six week, 4 session per week (Don’t worry you don’t need to attend them all) program run by some of the South’s finest personal trainers.

It’s all about high impact, quick result, fat burning intensity, bringing you all the benefits of a personal trainer at a fraction of the normal cost. The 180 Degreespt BOOTCAMP mixes functional body weight movements, tough, challenging core exercises and peak intensity cardiovascular components.

Our Bootcamps are high energy no holds barred workouts which burns body fat and improves muscle tone faster than any other method of training.

And there’s more….the programs are designed specifically to raise EPOC – Excessive Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption. Sounds complicated, perhaps, but the results are simplicity itself – your metabolism will be boosted to such a degree that you’ll still be burning those calories a massive thirty six hours after you’ve finished your sessions.

There’s even more to REbornpt Bootcamps than a dramatically effective exercise regime. As a REbornpt Bootcamp member you’ll be able to benefit from an array of full nutrition and supplement program, exercise videos, recipes, articles, tips and much more in the way of ongoing support expressly designed to help you achieve extraordinary results in a short space of time.

And please do’nt forget…..180 Degreespt Bootcamps are all about having awesome FUN, with like minded people!!

Class times:

Monday 6.30am

Thursday 11am

Saturday and Sunday 9am

First class Saturday 7th January 2012….we look forward to see you all very soon.

Call us today on 01202 671783 or email info@180degreesgym.com to book in for your first session.