Are you putting up with poor movement biomechanics? do you even know?

Recently we loaded an article on Facebook about squatting and poor mobility and liked it to how well children move and their great ROMs around each joint.

Since then we have been inundated by people telling us their limitations and describing their mobility issues, and asking ok so i have this issue…What can i do about it?

Firstly we have to say that good job you know you have a limitations, as how many out there really know what good movement, mobility, flexibility and proprioception really look and feel like?

Self awareness is everything. Most people don’t understand that what you tolerate you accept, but it is a reality. Think about it. The more you sit in traffic, the more you get used to the traffic. Eventually you say, “this is normal for me, the traffic isn’t that bad, I barely notice it any longer.” Yet, there is a non-moving mass of cars surrounding you – this is called “Grid locked”.

Loss of tissue tolerance and the art of aging is similar in nature. The physical difference is basically the same, you become “locked” and consider it “normal”. I really want you to think about this; what you tolerate, you accept.

Weight of Life

With the tools and therapy we use at 180 Degrees you are able to see/feel what you’ve been tolerating. You become aware of the limitations AND the potential you have as the therapy bring needed body awareness.

The first steps in understanding the aches and pains of the body:

The Foot

The foot is the foundation for the body. The foot is first and last thing to hit the ground each day, giving it the greatest influence on overall biomechanics. As the foot goes, so goes the rest of the body.

If the foot can strike the ground confidently, the rest of the body will move confidently. However if there is fear of pain, or if the foot has become rigid and dysfunctional due to loss of tissue tolerance in the muscles of the lower leg, biomechanics will be compromised and aches and pains will follow.

(Please note my post on FACEBOOK re. pain in lateral right knee pain after changing shoes…..low and behold i had really poor ROM in my ankle and lost a few degree of dorsiflexion, low and behold this created KNEE pain!! check out the video)

“Many people want to wear a Ferrari ON THEIR FOOT, but they have the suspension of a Pinto.”

– Cassidy Phillips The Chain Reaction

Every bone has muscle and fascia that surrounds it, and every joint has a muscle and a tendon that supports it. Muscles are designed to create and maintain structural integrity in the body through proper force couples and length tension relationships. Structural integrity of the muscles produces proper biomechanics through intra and inter muscular coordination.

The biomechanical chain reaction, beginning with the foot, can take dysfunction from the lower leg all the way up to the quads, hip, IT band and even the lower back. 180 Degrees Therapy addresses biomechanical efficiency within the body from the ground up.


leg muscles on swimmer


Similar to the structure of a well-built house, the foundation of the body begins at the foot and is built by establishing a sound and efficient base. The stronger the foundation, the more positive response the body will yield as a whole.

The sequence of events described above illustrates why addressing the entire biomechanical chain, not just one problem area, is important. By performing myofascial compression techniques tissue tolerance will increase as length tension relationships and elasticity are restored, resulting in enhanced mobility and improved overall biomechanics.

Structurally, we have very little control over the development of our bones. At 180 Degrees Therapy we have geared our attention to the soft tissue of skeletal muscle because we know we can make dramatic improvements over time that will ultimately change how the body moves as a whole. Efficiency of movement is the result of pliable skeletal muscle tissue that allows the body to do what it naturally was created to do.


– Cassidy Phillips

Core competency is defined as the competency and/or structural integrity of the trunk muscles and their ability to stabilize the spine and transfer force efficiently between the supported extremities.

False Fulcrums: Loss of muscle tissue tolerance leads to altered biomechanics, forcing the creation false fulcrums throughout the body. These false fulcrums limit the body’s ability to produce, reduce, and stabilize force while creating the potential for pain and injury. False Fulcrums form above and below the major fulcrums of the body creating excessive stress and dysfunction.

False Fulcrums

Hopefully you can now understand that the whole kinetic bio-mechanical chain must be working together from foot to head to create great movement and balance throughout the body. (I guess the kids song the foot bone is connected to the leg bone does have a place in schools after all…just remember what attaches all the bones together)

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