Why group classes might be for you?

Group classes in Bournemouth (at 180 Strength anyway) are a little bit different to your traditional fitness class, for instance – group classes are smaller and a little bit more personalised to the individual compared to running round a box for 45 minutes or doing squats with 2x2kg dumbbells for 4 minutes at a time. To find out exactly what the benefits to a group class are – keep reading…

Social Opportunities

Attending a group class gets you up and meeting more people with the same goal as you. For instance, we’ve noticed people are more likely to have more fun exercising in a group than when working out on your own, especially if your confidence in the gym isn’t that high in the first place.

Motivation Boost

Firstly, participating in a group exercise class challenges you to work out beyond your perceived limitations. For example, your trainer will be there to push you past where you think you might be able to get to, but in addition to this they are just as equally there to pull you back when they think you’ve done enough. This kind of management is a great tool in your fitness journey. As a result of this, you are likely to work out harder, as everyone is exercising toward the same goal. I’ve had some of the best sessions of my life when training with a group of likeminded individuals in comparison to training on my own.


Group classes are available in a variety of workout styles. Certainly, our gym 180 Strength understands this and we have a large variety of classes to suit your training goals and lifestyle. Below are just a few we offer.

Glute Gang – Ladies Strength and Conditioning program. 3 coached sessions per week focusing on legs, bums and abs every session! No more bodybuilding splits, focusing on chest or back day etc etc.. Just imagine, no more smashing hours of cardio and destroying your shapely gains. Our expert strength and conditioning coaches will help you achieve the curves you want, and more importantly, make you super strong with our female specific strength training program.

barbell training

180Barbell – This is a Strength and Conditioning Club for Men and Women who are bored with their Training Routine. Perhaps you’re fed up of not seeing the results they deserve. We bring the best of Strength Training and Conditioning into a Powerful Training program that will revolutionise how you look, how you feel and in addition to this you will see your strength skyrocket. We’re also here to provide up-to-date scientifically proven information and steer you away from misinformation.

Combining Power lifting, hypertrophy and conditioning programming to maximise your training time and progress.

Accountability Support?

A group exercise setting helps keep you accountable to attend the class. When your coach and other participants ask why you weren’t there you will not want to have an “I sat in the house watching Netflix” answer. Furthermore, if you are required to prepay for a group class, your accountability also increases! You have a limited number of classes that you paid for and are more likely to attend.


smart goals

As you may know already, group fitness is a great way to get a workout in without having to think or plan. Classes are structured in a certain way – with a warm-up, a balanced workout based around your goals and mobility at the end.

The warm-up will help you raise your heart rate and loosening your joints and muscles. Then you can start jumping into strenuous activity. At 180 Strength we ensure that your warm up is not only specific to your session, but, also to your own mobility issues or limitations. This is something that a lot of group classes in Bournemouth miss out, and moreover; we are pretty proud of our attention to detail with every single member.


This ones a biggie and pretty much the most important. When you see your coach and the people around you are invested in your progress, just as much as you are then things become a hell of a lot easier to get results than they are on your own.

Now you’ve read this feel free to come on down and see our gym and find out how we can help you find our group classes in Bournemouth that are right for you.

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