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Why 85% of people succeed as part of a training group…

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We all know somebody who has lost an amazing amount of weight as part of a health or fitness group training. There’s something about training alongside others that seems to bring out the best in us. But why could group exercise work for you in your bid to get in shape

Self-Motivation (believe it or not!)

Group training is actually a great opportunity to become your own motivator! Of course it’s great to get support from those around you and you’ll certainly find that to be the case. However, the drive to succeed largely comes from within. Maybe it’s the accountability, the pride or the satisfaction – but the passion to get results seems to be evoked in a group setting. The more that you gain recognition amongst your new found friends and the better you feel; the more you want to reach your targets. Group training certainly has an incredible psychological impact. (And we’re not just talking about motivation being confined to the gym.)

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Keeping workouts fun

One of the best advantages of visiting a fitness group is the opportunity you’ll have to meet new people. A lot of people find it easier to commit to an exercise regime when they’re enjoying it, and sharing the experience with a group of friends can really make the difference between a boring workout and a fun one. The satisfaction of helping your friends achieve their goals, as they help you in turn, can feel fantastic. It’s actually quite interesting that many friendships develop throughout fitness groups as well.

You can take things at your own pace

When it comes to physical exercise, everyone is different. Each member will have their own set of strengths and weaknesses. One of the great things about attending a fitness group is that you can take comfort in having common ground with others. You can work alongside those at your ability, but have a bit of healthy competition to propel you to that next level. Even if it’s just plain and simply a case of trying to out sprint a pal, the banter that this brings pushes you an extra yard – which perhaps doesn’t always happen when you train alone.

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We, at 180 Degrees Bournemouth and Sandbanks, are currently taking names for our latest group fitness initiative the 180Method – we vow to help you lose 20lb in 8 weeks.

Pop in to our gyms if you have any questions about how this works, or give us a call on 01202 612119 or in fact you can email us