Running byDESIGN


a guest blog from Stephen Kleiser.

“You can determine a objects function simply by looking at its form”

Two and a half million years of evolution have moulded the human design to be the most efficient endurance running animal on the planet!

When an animal does not fulfil its function… as dictated by its design… disease and dysfunction will follow.

Running in an unnatural or unskilled way forces the body to compensate. These tensions mean we see a lot of repeated injury’s… we even have names for these injury’s like “runners knee”

Does a bird ever get injured flying? …Flyers wing?!

If we learn the skill of running… and this can take some time… then we should be able run without the risk of injury.

Unless we grew up without shoes and chairs we most likely do not have the physiological development and body awareness to fulfil our natural evolutionary form of running.

For the muscles to adapt and strengthen we need to master some earlier movement skills. Before we can run byDesign, we need to be able to stand, walk, squat and jump byDesign.

Sounds easy. We can all stand, walk and jump…. can’t we?

A few moments on the pressure pad, that shows your weight and pressure distribution through your feet, will reveal where you actually stand…literally!

Form is determined by function… and function byDesign.

We are designed to run… discover how to ‘RUN byDesign’

Learning the skill of natural running form on a treadmill and in the studio leaves you free to simply run outdoors and let the studio work slowly mould your running form. As this is how we were designed to be, our whole physical and emotional form will begin to show the benefits.kleiserStephen will soon be holding a running technique workshop with us at 180°, for more info drop us a line (or two) to, and as soon as we have a date we’ll be in contact.