Squat Top Tips

The Squat Top tips:

squat top tips

1. First of the squat top tips is Hand placement, the closer your hands are to your shoulder the tighter you can be in the upper body..work on your mobility to make sure you’re not forcing the issue..get tight, but also in a realistic position

2. Try and bend the bar, impossible yes..but the force of trying will pin the bar towards your shoulders also increasing the tension in the body.

3. Take a breath like you are sucking through a straw and brace like someone is trying to punch you in the stomach. Spine neutral so not looking to the sky or burying your head into the ground. Then unrack

4. Walk out from the rack should be done in a maximum of three step..best in two..keep repeating this until its ingrained.

5. Repeat 3

6. Focus on keeping even weight distribution in the feet, hips move first!

7. Screw your feet into the ground, this will help keep your knees inline or just slightly outside your toes.

8. Now commit to the descent, believe in yourself! Travel at a speed you can take advantage of the stretch reflex, but still in control..you move the bar not the other way around.

9. Now you’re at the bottom…keep you head up and drive out of the hole! Push back into the bar, keeping the bar central to the centre of your foot. A lot of coaches use “stay in your heels” what they actually mean is stay central to the mid foot and not tip forwards. Many cues can achieve this. Find out what works well for you.

10. Accelerate hard all the way though the upwards phase….keep moving it will go up!

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHl9FxpG2y8[/embedyt]

Only other consideration is high bar or low bar….we’ll discuss these more on

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