Training slump – How to get yourself out of it

“Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity”

De-motivation happens to us all, but continuing to stick to a plan that doesn’t work is damn right silly. How do you get over your training slump? Try and few of the tips below to help you along your way:

Make sure your goals are measureable and achievable – If the principle of SMART doesn’t apply to your training then your training isn’t going to get you to where you want to be. Try and be SMART. Set yourself a goal; make sure it’s achievable within the time and stick to it. Without a finish line you will never finish the race!

smart goals training slump

This is one area that every person in the gym can look at and revaluate their goals and what they are doing. I think everyone can agree that your journey is exactly that. A journey. When you first started your goals might have been weight loss, but now you find out being strong is your true love. Does your training reflect this? If not then this might be the reason you are not happy right now.

Take a deload week – Doesn’t matter if you’re a world champion or you’ve just stepped in the gym, everyone needs to deload periodically. A deload is your “rest week”. It doesn’t mean you’re not training at all but you are expected to drop intensity a certain amount. This will allow you to recover from any fatigue, and in the long term, will increase performance.

 training slump


As you deload – Fatigue drops off, training slump reduces, preparedness increases as well as performance. Above is an example of a 2-week deload where intensity (in red) and volume (in blue) both drop over the two weeks. You might not need two weeks but certainly a week of taking it easier might be enough to get your mojo back.

Find a training partner (or a gym that’s just as supportive) – Training with someone who has the same goals, as you might just be the key. Not only will they understand your training methods, but also they can be there to give you a competitive edges or a new challenge. Alternatively you can get this from the gym itself if you find the right one. If you have the right environment of support then training should not be a chore. Success breeds success.

Create a new playlist to overcome the training slump- Music is a massive thing for me in my training and I’m sure I’m not alone. Try and make a playlist with some new or old bangers that makes you take your eyes off the clock. Or alternatively try on of the playlists from the guys at 180 Strength in Bournemouth. They might surprise you:

Tommy = Heavy metal but singa-ble

Owen = Heavier again with a hint of rap

Jack = Backsteet boys, Vengaboys, boyzone. All the lads

Kev = Hip hop old and new

Callum = Normal upbeat, fun for all the family.

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