Vary your health and fitness in Poole

vary-your-workoutDebate rages long and hard in the sports community over whether it’s a good idea to vary your workout routine, and if so, by how much. One of the most basic reasons to switch things up is that it makes psychological sense. For in varying the exercises that you perform, you are far more likely to prevent boredom. With that said, some people enjoy the consistency and familiarity of a regular routine. To improve your health and fitness in Poole, 180 Degrees recommend a balanced approach in this regard. It is good to get in to a certain frame of mind, through a set of diligent habits, before working out. If an element of a routine sets you in good stead then continue with that.

However, part of your workout needs to be varied in order to avoid fatigue. If you’re feeling tired after a training session this isn’t a bad thing, but if this feeling extends to other session and everyday life then that could be a sign of overtraining. The mark of a good coach, trainer or program isn’t how intense every individual session is, but how the sessions are managed in the grand scheme of things.

Failure to spread the load across different muscle groups can result in this tiredness and ultimately, reversibility. Additionally, your muscles rebuild themselves when you rest between sessions; if you don  In fact, you may have to stop exercising altogether until you feel the energy and motivation to get going again. It is this factor that often causes people to give up on their health and fitness in Poole. People start sharp and regular but quickly lose energy. When the going gets tough and they require rest, the strength of mind is lost and some never return to exercise. By ensuring that you do not over train, you will bypass this issue and get the greatest intensity of workout with the minimum injury risk. It is important to note that training intensity varies between individuals, dependent on their age, gender, health status and experience etc.

A training regime should never be set in the exact same manner because your body adapts to familiar conditions. Some coaches claim that after just 6-8 weeks, the body gets used to the exercise pattern you’ve set it. After that, your muscles become a bit blasé and don’t work as hard as they did at the beginning. You just don’t improve at the same rate – if at all, as a consequence. To achieve health and fitness in Poole results, the body must be tested with each passing visit to the gym. Below are some ways to improve your health and fitness in Poole with the following variations:

FITT principle – This is based around Frequency, Intensity, Time, Type. Changing one of these variations can be enough to promote a response from your body.

Cross train – Swim instead of running or add in a bit of cycling for a new challenge and interest. Maybe even try something you’ve never attempted before such as archery or a new style of dance routine.

Switch the sequence – Always go for a run first thing in the morning? Do so at lunch time instead and cycle to work in the morning. If it’s weight training that’s your gig then do the last exercise first etc. It’s enough to fool your muscles into believing they are doing something new.

Buddy up – Jog or cycle with a friend to add some mental stimuli, especially if you can go at a talking pace. If there’s a group of you, that’s even better.

Intensity blasts – Instead of going at the same pace the whole time, do shorter, faster and more intense intervals in between lengthier ones.

FITT principle – This is based around Frequency, Intensity, Time, Type. Changing one of these variations can be enough to promote a response from your body

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