Ketogenic – can you gain muscle and lose body fat at the same time?

Time to go Keto. by James R

Over the next 4 weeks I will be trying out a longer term ketogenic diet. Previously I’ve tried this will great results for up to 10 days at a time. However new research shows us that to truly become fat-adapted (see below) this can take 2-4 weeks.

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What should my macros look like:

Classic research on ketogenic diet show that to truly get into ketosis you need a very high fat (75%), very low carb diet (5%) and the rest protein (2grams per kg/bw) (20%) to maximise your return.

How long before I’m keto-adapted:

Keto adaptation occurs when your body switches fuel source, from being primed for carbohydrates and moved to fat and ketones as its primary source of fuel. This means instead of using carbohydrates (specifically glucose), body fat is broken down into alternative fuel sources to replace the need for carbs. This can take 2-4weeks.

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Do I need to carb up:

Again recent research shows that there is no need to carb up after exercise when you’re fat adapted due to a chemical process called gluconegensis (conversion of proteins and free fatty acids into glycogen stores). Therefore keeping the cells full and replenished with glycogen.

What results will I see:

Well that is what we will find out, previously i have lost a fair amount of Body fat in the previous 10 day stints. Science suggests that with the correct amount of protein and being in true ketosis..gains and both muscle and loss of body fat should be achievable at the same time. So lets see what happens. (posts will come with updates on this)

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Training during the 4weeks:

Mainly German volume training, and other than the weekly multiple 30sec wingates on the WATTbike there will be no extra cardio.

If anyone, wants to join me on this..message us here and we’ll get in contact for a consultation and diet planning session.