What food should I eat to feel optimum?

What food should I eat to feel optimum?

static1.squarespace.comHere is a small quick test for you guys to try:

In the process of becoming optimum we first must start to listen to our bodies!

Understanding how our digestive, mental and physical health responds to food is essential in taking us further along the road towards greater health!

Once we have done this and we establish the amounts of protein, carbs and fats our bodies ideally wants to eat, at every meal for optimum health and performance, then and only then can we really start to build a diet that includes the correct amount of Kcals for our goals, supplement use and other fine tuning elements.

So how do we start to find this out, well we need to conduct a little experiment over the course of 3 days and start to really listen to our bodies response.

The idea is that after every meal time I just want you to assess how you feel, based on the following factors:

  1. How satiated you feel aka how full up you felt all morning
  2. If you felt energetic or lethargic
  3. If you had good concentration or not
  4. Whether it made you crave any foods 1-2 hours afterwards (I mean strong cravings, we all fancy a biscuit here and there).


What we are looking for is the meal that had the most positive outcome. Now here are the meals:

Monday Breakfast:

3-6 egg omelette with 2 portions of veggies cooked in butter

Tuesday Breakfast:

3 egg and ham omelette with a bowl of fruit salad (banana, apple and grapes for example)

Wednesday Breakfast:

2-3 poached eggs on toast with a banana


Mondays breakfast is a moderate protein, high fat, low carb meal,

Tuesdays breakfast is a moderate protein, moderate fat, moderate carb meal, and

Wednesday’s breakfast is low-moderate protein, low fat, high carb.

Now what we want to know is which day suited you best.

Myself (James) definitely prefer the Monday breakfast, I find I train and work much harder and with greater attention and drive with a higher fat/low carb breakfast…let us knows on our Facebook page. Which one you prefer!

Next time we’ll give you the best breakdowns for your individual body requirements.

Look forward to hearing from you.