Nutritional planning

nutrition plan

Blog post courtesy of @ohubb , 180-Strength Head coach.

Well its the end of the week and time to prep for the week ahead’s nutrition… read on here to find out what you need to do. Good nutritional planning can make a major difference in helping you achieve your goals.

Blog post courtesy of @ohubb , 180-Strength Head coach.

1. Get your calories in check

This is what I like to think as “The Goldilocks Theory”. You overeat and you are more than likely to put on weight, under eat and you will lose weight. It’s pretty much as simple as that. However determining your calorie intake can be tricky, especially when the Scientific Advisory Committee of Nutrition (SACN) identifies the issue of differences in basal metabolic rates between individuals with varying metabolic health’s (Public Health England, 2011). If you would like to find out your own calorie requirements, there are many equations and formulas out there. At the bottom of this blog is a link to one i’ve constructed. NOTE: This doesn’t take into account interpersonal differences and only gives you a starting point. But thats enough to get going. Once you have a maintenance, stick to this and track for a little while. Then for weight loss decrease by 10%, or weight gain is an increase of 10%.

2. Macronutrients 

This is the same concept as calories above, Keep protein goals to……….(to read the rest click here…….)

3. Nutritional Planning.

Take some time to think about what your goals are. Maybe even write them down for some accountability. Then think about what kinds of meals might help you to achieve that. Plan out your lunches for the week rather than grabbing the first thing you see in the supermarket or fast food joint. By doing this at least you can give yourself a helping hand in knowing how many calories you’re having meal to meal to start with.

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