180 Degrees – Transforming physiques and developing strength

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gym bournemouth

Club Coaching

This is a Strength and Conditioning Club for Men and Women who have lost their way and are bored with their Training Routine and Fed up of not seeing the results they deserve. If that sounds like you then I know you used to be fitter, stronger and more in shape than you are now. We bring the best of Strength Training and Conditioning into a Powerful Training program that will revolutionise how you look, how you feel and you’ll see your strength sky rocket.

Sessions: Wed 1700 – 2000 and Sat 0700 – 1200


gym bournemouth

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Personal Training 1-2-1

Personal Training for men and women who want to get stronger, get leaner and finally achieve a lean, toned body. This is primarily focused to those who want to radically transform their shape. We focus heavily on developing more toned legs and glutes, stronger chests, back, toned arms and reducing belly fat and getting flatter firmer visible abs.

Sessions: Everyday (fill in the form to book a free consultation)

Times: 0600 or 1900