Fitness/Strength coach based out of 180 Strength.
Having competed nationally and internationally, I truly believe in building a support group around you filled with supportive and like-minded individuals. I offer around the clock guidance to help you strive for the goal you may have.
Background: 7-year gym experience plus international powerlifter/national British champ with programming knowledge. I’m a heavy believer in results-based training and equipping you with the skills to achieve the lifestyle you want. Powerlifting coaching available.


Hi, I’m Sofia, a Nutrition Coach – As a gym owner and World Class Powerlifter, I have the qualifications and the experience to help you make the most of your nutrition, whether that entails weight loss, muscle gain or improving recovery levels.
With over 20 years of experience working at all levels in both the private and public sectors of health clubs and spas, my husband and I saw a gap in the market for a premium service focusing purely on the results of each client. We see every one of our clients and members as people with goals that we can help with.



Whether you are an athlete or not Owen is here to help you strive for fitness gains efficiently. He has over 5 years of powerlifting and weightlifting coaching as well as achieving national and international successes in his chosen sports.

His background in coaching and programming includes people of different abilities, sports and walks of life and is researched, tested and retested. He has a true belief that specificity is the key to achieving your goals and this is the heart of our programs.

Owen is a well known powerlifting coach..


The experienced practitioner and academically informed QUALIFIED STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING coach. Here to teach and drive you with well informed practice and experience to help you reach your exercise goals.

My experiences gives you lots of variation in exercise knowledge and resources. Take it from someone who has spent years grafting a multitude of fitness components to a high level academically, physically and practically, having started with no physical prowess.


I had a very active start to life and loved taking part in a large range of actives such as Triathlon, Horse Riding and Competitive Swimming for as long as I can remember. However, during my teenage years, I developed some problems regarding body image. My confidence decreased, my mindset changed and although I still enjoyed these sports, I was no longer doing them for the right reasons. This continued for years until one day, I discovered a passion for weightlifting, and later on Powerlifting, which was a huge game changer for me.

The more I studied and practiced this new sport, the stronger I became both physically and mentally. I finally started to see my body changing in the way that I wanted it to, I learned the importance of fueling my body not only to be healthy but to perform better and there’s no doubt about it, lifting makes you feel pretty badass.

I already knew I wanted to do something in the health and fitness industry, with the desire to help people improve their well-being. Then after experiencing the incredible impact lifting had on me, I wanted to become a personal trainer so I could guide others through their own journey and help them grow… or shrink, of course.

Something I’ve discovered is that to prosper in your journey you must learn to be patient and stay dedicated to your goals, which is what I love to see happening with my most successful clients. So if you are open minded, interested in nutrition and ready for a challenge then I might just be the Personal Trainer for you. And you want to know the best part? I won’t even make you eat vegetables!

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My mission is to support and help anyone who is motivated to take control of their training, get healthy and stay healthy.

My approach to training combines aspects of traditional strength-training combined with body weight training and multi-joint movement. All of these aid and assist to improve posture, range of motion, muscle mobility and strength.

?My particular area of interest is helping cyclists condition and strengthen themselves to enable them to perform better with less chance of injury.

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