Christmas training advent calender: 6th Dec 2011, Day 5

Welcome to session 5

Well today started, until I went to the local supermarket and got bombarded by millions of offers on chocolates, cakes and all things covered in sugar, and witnessed poor people buying these goods.

AGGHHH, what a nightmare!! Too many people, stocking up their trolleys with all this JUNK!!

Why do they bother i ask myself, when it’s reported that 25% of females in the UK are obese, yet people still chose to chow through 100’s and 100’s of small foil wrapped, sugar filled small parcels of diabetes inducing goods…CRAZY.

Anyhow RANT over, for now. let’s get some training done.

Today’s focus is inline with these tins of chocolates, and its based on 1 REP per chocolate.

Therefore let me introduce you to the…….

100’s Workout!

Rules:  You must complete 100 reps for each of the 10 following exercises, keeping absolute perfect form. Each exercise can be broken down into any set/rep count for example: 4 sets of 25 reps, 5 sets of 20 reps, 10 sets of 10 reps.

1-  Basic squats
2- One-leg reach crunches (50 each side)
3- Push-ups (can use knee modification)
4- Spiderman plank
5- Burpees
6- Russian twist
7- Bench/chair dips
8- Power jacks
9- Bench crunches
10- V-jumps

Time this session, and remember to record the results. This can be a great benchmark for your fitness level, next time you must do it quicker.

Please post your time below in comments.

Boring disclaimer part.

Here at 180 Degrees we advise everyone before entering a new exercise programme to get a full health assessment and sign off by the GP, reborn also accept no responsibility of anyone suffering from injury, illness or shear stupidity to hurt themselves with these basic exercises)