Time to self evaluate, recap on goals and start making a change.

This year you said to yourself that this “IS” the year you would; make a difference to your health, change your physique, improve your fitness or cleanse your lifestyle.

So now on this Friday afternoon take a good hard look at yourself and self evaluate. Its only the end of January 2012, but already can you truly say that you have given it your all, tried your hardest, made those correct food choices, ran that extra mile, walked from one bus stop earlier, booked a PERSONAL TRAINER, attended a BOOTCAMP, gone through with a DETOX plan…have you done any of the things that will, i promise you, make a difference to who you are.

Can you say, Yes I have ACHIEVED this month?

Well I guess the answer is probably no for some of you, and its a hard pill to swallow but there is no-one else to blame but you. Maybe your lacking in motivation, waiting for next Monday to start your training, don’t know what exercise is best, not sure what food to eat, all of which are fair enough, but come on get off that sofa or from behind that desk and start to take accountability for your health.

Call and book in today, your not going to find the answer at the bottom of your coffee cup or from watching Eastenders.

There are 24hrs in a day, make just 30mins of that your time!

At 180 Degrees we employ staff who completely understand this feeling that you do need a motivator, instructor, coach or support mechanism, that YES you do want to achieve this year, but simply dont know how to.

Well please lets not leave it another month, pick up the phone today and call 180 Degrees on 01202 671783 to book in for your FREE weeks trial in which we will train, coach and guide you towards becoming that person you aspire to.


180 Degrees Health Studios, Sandbanks Poole, BH13 7RD