Christmas training advent calender: 5th Dec 2011, Day 4

Oh my god, its only day 5!!! I hear you say…

Well don’t you worry, time is on our side there’s plenty of time left before xmas to fit in loads more sessions.

Here is today’s session, a mix of body weight and cardio. Remember don’t be going all soft on me….MAN UP and work hard.

Ok here goes:

Warm up: 5 – 10mins running and get moving well.

(work on your upper and lower body mobility today, especially pay attention to your hip flexors and hamstrings as they will get a drilling, and i expect you’ve been sitting down a fair amount as its first day back in the office so they’ll be all tight)

Main section:

Five rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters

30 mountain climbers

15 Pull-ups

Please post your time below in comments.

Boring disclaimer part.

Here at 180 Degrees we advise everyone before entering a new exercise programme to get a full health assessment and sign off by the GP, reborn also accept no responsibility of anyone suffering from injury, illness or shear stupidity to hurt themselves with these basic exercises)