Drop a dress size in 8 weeks, hard work made easy at RE:Born.

Drop a dress size in 8 weeks.

Such a simple statement, but probably the one that most of our clients and most women around the world will battle with their whole lives.

Dropping a dress size, be it for an event, a special occasion, work, their partner or just maybe actually for themselves, and why not?

Being able to slip into a size smaller (or more) dress can be the most rewarding experience chased by our clients. Who cares what size they were, its all about how they LOOK and FEEL now!

Its this emotional reward that our clients love that has driven us to develop the most detailed, effective and guaranteed to work package that has seen over 100 women hit the dress size of their dreams.

So what do we know that you may not?

Well first we know that 93 – 97% of anyone following a fad diet will fail, sorry its true. There are several reason for this, firstly its so hard to make that behavioral modification in the face of the easy to buy incorrect food choices, secondly in this day and age we also inherently lead sedentary lives and of course the intense media programming telling us to take a magic pill or follow some celebrity and their baby food diet?

In fact there something much more powerful than these environmental stimuli stopping us from losing weight, its our hormones. Especially a powerful one called Cortisol.

Cortisol is a regulator of your blood sugar, energy production, inflammation and immune system. If this is not working in unity with you…GOOD LUCK chasing the fat loss dream.

You’re probably asking yourself a question right now, are my cortisol levels high? Yes is a good guess without meeting you, especially if any of the below applies to you:

  1. You are under any form of stress (did you shout at someone when driving today?)
  2. You have taken or are on any type up drug, be in medicinal or recreational.
  3. You are subject to intense heat, cold or noise daily.
  4. You are training too hard and overexerting yourself.
  5. Suffering from or had a recent trauma.
  6. Currently or have had recently been ill or had an infection.
  7. Worried about something.
  8. Fearful.
  9. Not eating a balanced diet.
  10. Eat fatty foods, eat processed out of a packet meals, eat canned goods.
  11. Drinking coffee, tea, red bull and any other stimulants.
  12. Eat a refined sugary foods.
  13. Using beauty products
  14. etc etc etc

As you can see the list is extensive, all of the above with cause your cortisol levels to rise through the cumulative effect on your stress levels. Continual living in this state will cause your cortisol to contribute to the accumulation of abdominal, hip and thigh FAT, and make it very hard to get rid of.

Believe me when I say that 80% of our clients before they start are following a diet and lifestyle that is putting their cortisol levels through the roof, and its not their fault is how we live to day, our diets are full of toxins, the lifestyles we choose give us undue stresses and we don’t exercise (If we do exercise we do incorrectly, not relative to our goals, ability or at the intensity required to make a difference).

Oh no, I hear you cry, what can I do?

Well look no further, we have an all encompassing, non gimmick, proven package including nutritional coaching, personal training, lifestyle management, supplementation and well being acupressure massage therapy, that will, and please let me stress that again WILL change the way you LOOK and FEEL.

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