When you join the 180 STRENGTH ONLINE COACHING you get:

— Initial consultation over the phone or skype to ascertain where you wish to take your training

— Placement into a specialised training group to best fit your requirements

— Detailed and precise training plans to get you strong and also keep the gains coming over the long term.

— Private Guided Programming WHATSAPP group for support from the 180 coaching staff

— Guidance on how to best modify your program to fit your needs

— The cost is £75 per month (via DD)

— Fill in the form below to find out more info


So how does it work?
Upon registration (form below), you’ll answer a short questionnaire. We will use this information during your consultation. This way you’ll get training that is appropriate for you. If during the training you have a question, need to change something or have some other various need for support, post up the question in the special 180 Strength WHATSAPP group for an open discussion, or feel free to message your coach direct. 180 coaches and lifters will be able to answer your questions to help provide guidance. This is also a great place to post up a training video to get some technical feedback for improving your lifts efficiency. If you don’t have WHATSAPP, no worries. We will handle you’re questions via email directly then.

Each weekend, you will receive training for the next week. The program will be flexible in that it will still allow you to work around scheduling demands and peak for whatever dates you need in an easy, intuitive way.
So you get training that is well designed and thoroughly planned with your long term progress in mind. It’s customizable. You’ll have consistent, knowledgeable coaching available every step of the way to provide experience and insight. This program has resulted in many all time Pb’s for folks – and that’s what we’re all after!


If you’re wondering how effective the training can be here are some words from real athletes who have been coached directly from 180:


Are you brand new to strength training and want more 1-2-1 time? Then check out our 180 Strength Foundation

Or potentially our group training programs found here.

Registration Form


Please complete the form below and one of our coaches will reach
out to discuss your goals.

Club Coaching

I'm Committed

I understand this is an online coaching program, I am willing and able to train up to 4 days per week, I can have a nutrition plan devised for me and I will follow the proven program.



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