Nutritional Myths – calories matter – yes they really do!

Nutritional Myths - calories

Nutritional Myths – calories

Nutritional Myths – No.1 – calories don’t matter!

In some people’s eyes…Apparently you can eat as much food as you like as long as it’s healthy and you’ll still lose weight? Ha ha ha ha ha ha……Wishful thinking, basic biology tells us this is incorrect.

Let’s take a look at two of the market leaders in this industry in order to help us bust these Nutritional Myths that are confusing those of us that are trying to shed some pounds!

Joe wicks:

Breakfast : banana chocolate overnight oats : 700kcals

Lunch : fish fingers sandwich : 1160kcals

Dinner : steak and spinach : 1428kcals


This makes a total Kcal intake of 3288 kcals! Now, this may fit your macros or even your calorie in take for the day if you’re a large active man (6ft plus)…think Chris Robshaw! However for us mere mortals this would put us in a huge surplus…making it super hard to out train this amount of calories.

Now, the meals Joe produces are full of amazing, wholesome ingredients – FACT! but, it can seem ambiguous – and cause confusion – it needs to be said that these recipes may have you eating too much. Hence, you will not lose weight if that’s what your aim is, unless you are tracking your energy consumption. It’s worth just thinking things through before we start cooking up a storm!

Tom Kerridge: (@cheftomkerridge)

Now, let’s compare TOM KERRIDGE on the other hand, takes a better view point, constructing delicious recipes, but keeping them low kcal.

Shakshuka Breakfast Eggs – 375 Kcals

One Pot Thai Chicken Curry – 455 Kcals

Baked Cod with Beans, Courgettes and Chorizo – 535Kcals

Our conclusion, therefore is that Tom’s recipes leave us with plenty of calories to go about our other daily meals with out breaking the calorie bank. He’s definitely getting our vote in the recipe book and meal planning stakes. “Recipes include – Southern-style chicken; One-layer lasagne; Chicken tikka masala; Lamb doner kebab; Beef stroganoff; Sweet potato and black bean burritos; Sticky pork chops; and Baked doughnuts with sweet five-spice dust.”**

For more information on a really easy way to start managing your calorie intake you can always have a look at our previous blog in our article “Nutritional Facts – Calories – See What you Need to Know” or, call or email us for help if you’d like to work with one of nutritionists in the gym or remotely, we’re just a phone call or email away.

**taken from Amazon synopsis on “Lose Weight for Good: Full-Flavour cooking for a low-calorie diet”

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