6 Benefits of personal training

With summer due to provide some warm sunny weather (we can dream), I begin thinking shorts, tank tops and swimming costumes! These thoughts are often enough to get someone stepping back into the gym. But, how many times have you set new fitness goals for yourself only to lose interest in a couple of weeks?

Indeed, we all need a little help from time to time. That help can be in the form of a personal trainer. Personal trainers are not just for stars or fabulous athletes. Every single person can benefit from being assisted! Consider PT as an investment in yourself and your well-being. As somebody that invests in myself in this way, I have decided that I should share my insight into the benefits that I have found from the service. The points below are what I believe have been imperative factors in helping me achieve my 18% drop of body fat and new found lean self, and an outline of my experience with the team at 180 Degrees Personal Training in Poole, Sandbanks www.180degreesgym.com

ACCOUNTABILITY & MOTIVATION- Trainers are experts at holding you accountable for your fitness. I have been impressed by the way in which they have both helped me to develop my own personalised goals, but to also create a realistic and achievable plan to attain these targets. From a motivational point of view, the 180 Degrees Gym Personal Training service in Poole seems to have the ability to believe in me even when I am feeling at my lowest ebb and perhaps don’t quite believe in myself! “CAN’T” is not a word in a 180 Degrees Gym Personal Trainer’s vocabulary!

DEVELOPING A ROUTINE- Some may say “it’s easy to go to the gym alone.” Sure, it is easy! You can walk into the gym and hop on the treadmill, but then what? 180 Degrees Personal Trainers are educated on the most effective ways to help you get to your fitness goals. They work with me and others to develop a routine that makes sense. If you haven’t worked out in months and are just returning to the gym, a trainer will not expect you to begin a fitness regime consisting of 60 minute routines 5 days a week! That is a huge misconception, which I admit I was guilty of believing at first! Instead, the reality is that 180 Degrees Personal Training in Poole, will help you to figure out what maximises your time in the gym without overwhelming you.

FRESH NEW PERSPECTIVES & IDEAS ON HEALTH, NUTRITION AND FITNESS- The internet and especially the weight loss industry, is absolutely full of workout and nutritional advice. It is impossible for the average person to have time to sift through this information or hold the ability to filter out what is accurate, relevant and up to date. It is the job of all under the employment of 180 Degrees Personal Training in Poole, to stay on top of health trends and further their education. This provides us with the safest and most accurate tips. Is that new fad diet that you want to try really effective? Will I really get a beach body by doing that popular workout? Is it true what I read in this fitness magazine? These are just some of the questions that I hear personal trainers deal with on a daily basis… Especially when I first began and thought I was the Einstein of the fitness world!

Perhaps the most impressive facet of the service that can be received at 180 Degrees Gym in Poole, is the fact that 180 Degrees Personal Training works in conjunction with a wider range of related fitness professions at the facility. Through use of my trainer’s knowledge, they were able to recommend an amazing bio chemist called Gore bioscience (they helped me with my food intolerance, this is another article althougher0…I highly recommend it), sports massage therapy and acupuncture to me.

PROPER TECHNIQUE & FORM- Nothing substitutes for having a person by your side providing you immediate feedback on form and technique. It is very easy to hurt yourself in the gym. My trainer watched intently as I bench pressed with the bar hugely slanted to my right hand side. He rectified my technique. Thanks to this, I achieved my aims much swifter but importantly, without injury. 180 Degrees Personal Training in Poole can help people to get better running form, improve posture, and increase strength. I have seen this at first hand. I feel immense for it. By teaching me to recruit the ‘proper’ muscles and making a mind body connection – I have a found new, reduced risk streak of training in me!

RELATIONSHIP BUILDING- Some of my favourite time during the week is with my personal trainer. I have forged a relationship with them like no other, they know more about me than my GP. There are not very many people with whom I shared my goals so specifically, who in turn work so diligently to help me achieve them. Often that hour or two per week, is the only time that is truly devoted to me and my successes. It is these personal relationships and the intimate knowledge of who I am that helps the trainer work specifically with me and that manifests itself in the ability to hold me accountable to my goals!

RESULTS- This is the most essential point that I make. Working through Personal Training in Poole will allow you to achieve the results that you cannot achieve on your own. Each person’s goals are extremely personal. Whether it be weight loss, injury rehab, or companionship. A trainer is going to lead you down a path to success. I took the leap of faith and joined 180 Degrees Personal Training in Poole. The personal trainers have been superb and I have seen results that I never anticipated. It is these results that not only hold me accountable moving forward, but they hold my trainer accountable to me too!

from a very happy client!!!

Enjoy the summer. Love your health.

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