8 Top Tips for a successful flexible diet

8 Top Tips for a flexible diet

At 180-Strength we don’t just specialise in strength training, weights for women, workout programs and muscle and strength systems, we also coach our clients and members on how to become successful at weight loss through nutritional strategies.

With Christmas looming, the snow falling (somewhere), booze and buffet food calling! Its time to get set for this tricky time of year.

If you are a person who really struggles with this time of year and adhering to a diet then look no further.

Check out these 8 top tips to help you succeed over this xmas period.

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  • Track Track Track

    Flexible dieting is a great tool to utilise but requires a small bit of effort on your behalf. All you are required to do is download a tracking app such as myfitnesspal, lifesum, mymacros etc etc and start using it to track your food intake. These apps are highly resourceful and pretty easy to use, just takes a few days to get used to it. If you don’t know your maintenance calorie intake click here to find out. From this if you want to gain weight increase your calories by 5-10%, for weight loss decrease by the same amount. The beauty of flexible dieting is this isn’t 100% set in stone daily, but think of it more of a weekly intake.

    So for example if you end up going out for some drinks after work on a Tuesday and are 500kcal over that day. Fine. All you have to do is make sure over the rest of the week you claw those 500kcal back. Can be in one day, can be 100kcal a day until you get to 500kcal. Its up to you. Think of calories as currency. If you want to splash out on that new TV you’re going to have to save by not going out on a weekend every once and a while. Same principle.

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  • Plan ahead

    This is both on a weekly and daily basis. For example: You are heading out for a family meal later on tonight. It’s at a local restaurant, which you haven’t been to before. What do you do? Most people will just carry on eating the way they usually would throughout the day then go out and eat whatever they want in the evening. This is mindless and reckless. Instead try and look up their menu online beforehand and plan something in your dinner what you might think you want. This doesn’t need to be set in stone but at least now you know what you’ve got left for the rest of the day or there about.

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  • Keep your protein high and consistent

    A high protein content is important for muscle mass retention but just as important is its effects of satiety. Trying to aim for at least 1.6g of protein per kg of bodyweight will mean that that you will feel fuller for longer, reduce cravings and ensure that you are fuelling yourself for muscle growth and repair.


  • Don’t wait until Monday –If you do completely fall off the wagon, have a night or day (or both!), when you don’t keep on top of your intake then don’t wait until Monday. Monday’s are not the only day you can start looking at your intake. Don’t think of what you are doing as a diet, but more like a science. The more you go off track the more unreliable the results are. The sooner you get back on track the better the outcome for everyone involved!

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  • Fibre up!

    Fibre is a lot like protein in respects to your satiety levels. The more you have the fuller you are going to be for a longer period of time. Not only that, but the majority of foods high in fibre tend to be high in volume and low in calories. Perfect if you enjoy eating and need to feel like you are having big portions when in a deficit. Good sources of fibre are green leafy vegetables, fruit, wholegrain carbohydrates, low calorie fibre bars, legumes and beans. Try and aim for 25-30g of fibre a day.

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  • Stay hydrated

    Summer or wintertime we need to stay hydrated no matter what. A lot of the time hunger strikes when we are either dehydrated or bored and not when we are legitimately hungry. To work out your water intake divide your kilos in body weight by 0.024. An example is below:

80kg / 0.024 = 3,333ml per day

  • Manage expectations

    This all comes down to your timeline and your end goals. If your goal is to becoming the best you can be by the 1st of January then the amount of flexibility you can have with your diet is going to be far less than if you are a little bit more relaxed with your expectations on your training and body composition come January time. The important part is your expectations over this period match your work ethic and dietary protocol. If they don’t you will always be disappointed no matter what.

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  • You might need to make a sacrifice or two

    This is the little terms and conditions at the end that not many people like to write about when it comes to flexible dieting, especially around Christmas time. Sometimes you just need to suck it up and use your willpower. It is ultra important that you be proactive not reactive. What does this mean? Essentially think “Is it worth it” before you eat something. If its worth lowering your calories later in the day or on another day then sure enjoy yourself and factor that food or drink in. If the answer is no, then put the mince pie and baileys down…

Its not rocket science but most of the time we lose sight of our goals because there is no accountability. Get someone who isn’t going to go soft on you and give in with you when your will power is at a low. If you haven’t got that support within your friends or family hire a nutritionist to keep you on the straight and narrow.

You won’t regret it.

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