Elite Personal Training at 180



    Your elite PT package will cover EVERYTHING that you need in order to achieve body and life transformation in the shortest time possible, by providing a package that includes all of the tools that are required in order to succeed.

    We will provide you with full support in exercise, nutrition, rehabilitation, emotional triggers, motivation, rest and recovery, PLUS we will hold you accountable to stick to your programme!

    You will meet with your expert coach from between 2-3 times per week. Your programme will include;

    90 minute initial comprehensive consultation with James Rufus – this will include – identifying your needs, goal setting, Biosignature, Nutritional analysis and planning.
    • Blood testing according to your specific needs – provided by Gore BioScience
    1:1 Personal Training tailored exactly to your goals, offering a varied programme utilizing the best in training equipment and modalities.
    • On-going nutritional support and guidance, and nutritional plans.
    Your first 21 days of Supplements free and discounted prices on all future purchases.
    4 – 6 repeat consultations to include assessments, progress tracking, goal setting, Nutrition Support and Physical Assessment.
    Continued support from our committed trainers, whenever you need us we are here to help, no matter what.
    VIP discounts with chosen local businesses.

    For more information send your inquiries to admin@180degreesgym.com

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