Friday Morning Inspiration

If you’re feeling in the need of a bit of Friday morning inspiration here are a few thoughts from Sam McGratty (an accredited coach of the Sue Stone Foundation) on how to use the process of Visualisation.

Sam says “VISUALISATION is the most powerful, single capability that the human being has and it can be used to develop new habit patterns of self confidence. So for example, if you want to develop leadership qualities, or the ability to make decisions or have greater self confidence, you must begin to see yourselves as if you already had those qualities and characteristics, alternatively focus on someone you know who has those qualities and see yourself acting that way. As we begin to do that we begin to change our self-image we are replacing the picture we have in our mind of our negative habit patterns, by newfound positive habit patterns. It’s wonderfully powerful. Act and visualise your way to success in all that you do. Take lots of small steps and this well get a cycle of confidence moving in the right direction. Vision plus inspired action is the key.